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He too endured the insults of strangers when they saw his black armband he wore in mourning for Sophie and Hans.

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We just dismissed it: he's too old for this stuff, he doesn't understand.'Sophie and my mother, both of them had a soft heart and very thick skin.

My mother hated the Nazis, but neverthless she sewed pants for the Jungvolk, the really young section of the Hitler Youth for kids between 10 and 14. She was the one constant factor in the family.'There was no break, no one-thing that made them see the Nazis for what they were.

There were many mosaics that made Hans and Sophie enemies of Hitler and the Third Reich. And in 1937 the Gestapo arrested my sister Inge and my brothers Hans and Werner because they continued their Youth League work even in the Hitler Youth.'She said she and her brothers and sisters - Sophie, Inge, Hans and Werner - were all close because they were all born to parents Robert and Magdalena within a few years. 'We had a largely happy childhood.'As time went on Sophie became increasingly disillusioned with the Nazis.

It just grew to be so,' she said.'First, we saw that one could no longer read what one wanted to, or sing certain songs. On the day before England declared war in 1939 I went with her for a walk along the Danube and I remember I said: "Hopefully there will be no war".

Elisabeth went on: 'In the letters home to Sophie he wrote about how horrified he was at the shooting of Jews.