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Kamtjatka is situated in the center of Horsens next to shopping malls, local restaurants and cafés.

Kamtjatka has it's own outdoor environment with possibility for outdoor activity.

They play in the "Superliga", the best Danish fotball league in Denmark, which means, they are among the 10 best clubs in Denmark.

For students who prefer to live near VIA University College, the Student Village is the place.

Student village is situated next to Campus Horsens and have among other things an outdoor football ground.

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Among the popular sports are: football, handball, cycling, sailing sports, badminton, swimming, recently also golf etc…

Forum Horsens – Casa Arena The centre consists of a water park (with a wide range of activities within games, exercise, relaxation and well-being), training hall, outdoor stadion, and last but not least, a large, central sports and culture hall.