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When she was five years old she made friends with Rola who was born on 12, February 1990 in Accra, capital of Ghana.Rolas mother is from Ghana, her father from Bayern, and with three years she came to Frankfurt.“Only since coming here have I been interested in having flings,” she said.

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In 2005 The production team Noizemakers and Christopher Applegate, took the Black Supremes under the new name Sistanova under contract.

In 2006, the band was signed to the record company Warner Music Germany.

I plan to relocate from London to Frankfurt on an annual gross salary of 100k euros. Will this amount be enough for us, as we will be paying school fees for the children to attend bilingual schools since we can't speak German. These matters will all play a role under which conditions you will be admitted to a University in Germany.

Not even talking to go see a Bundesliga game or cinema.

Key Liza was born on December 11, 1989 in Hanau and moved to Frankfurt am Main.