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She also invited me to her birthday party, but then rescinded the invite and said it’s “too soon to introduce me to her friends.” There are a few possibilities in this scenario and it’s likely a mix of all three. It’s 100% normal to be offended, feel shitty, and be salty when things turn out like this. Do not let the above affect you emotionally and act irrationally. Run from this kind of girl, because dealing with them is a full time job. When you jive with someone, you hang out with them. Never mind that she did invite him- that’s some evidence that it’s not a big deal.

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Do better for the survivors of domestic violence and for the future victims who you are turning your back on.”Watching Chad and Josh on screen makes my stomach churn, but it’s not just them that’s making me sick.

ABC is choosing to give these abusive men an audience, over and over.

I can’t stand dating coaches who overcomplicate things.

So strip away all the gaming, game theory, questions, guessing, and gauging.

It could be that one person is not interested, there’s someone else in the picture, or someone is a basket case.