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Applicants can improve their chances of admission by getting good test results.

Please inform yourself before inputting your course of study combination in the application form, whether the subjects you chose can be combined.

You can find information about the combination possibilities in RWTH Info on Starting Studies (de).

The Bachelor course of study for vocational school teacher training typically lasts six semesters, with 180 credit points and encompasses Course of Study Model I A one month orientation school internships and an at least four week school or extra-school career field internship are part of the educational studies segment.

Application Deadline July 15, 2017 (applies to previous and new school graduates) The information sheet, provided online, and a signed copy of this application must have been received by RWTH Aachen by this deadline at midnight.

Particularities for Teacher Training Courses of Study (particularly for vocational school teachers): If you are applying for a teacher training course of study, the subject “Educational Sciences” (Bildungswissenschaften) will automatically be added to your application.