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"Until then, German authorities had been unaware of the reports from the British National Archives cited by Dr.

Nehring," the Schleswig-Holstein state government noted. The toxic waste disposal site was even a target area for the German military's torpedo attack exercises in 2010.

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Hidden Dangers The problem was created both during and after the war.

When the Allies disarmed the Germans after defeating them, they ordered that the weapons be disposed of at sea.

There are also apparently 5,000 metric tons of shells filled with substances such as phosgene and the nerve agent tabun in the Little Belt, the strait between the Danish island of Funen and the Jutland Peninsula.

A report that Munitions in the Sea released a year and a half ago and is now updated lists many well known beach resorts along German coasts.

The bomb disposal service assessed the find and detonated the two bombs after deeming them dangerous.