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You can check out the ornate pink girl’s room, the Chinese exchange student’s room with a ping pong table or an old VW camper van that can be reserved as a private lounge for € 100. The Elektra with its live DJ and great cocktails is the perfect place to start a night out.

Altstadt-Nord, Gereonswall 12-14Engel & Weiss A lounge club that impresses with an upscale decor and snow-white interior on two floors.

Despite that you’ll get good Kölsch beer, good music and meet nice people – what more could you ask for? 31 68 26Rosebud This classic of the Cologne bar scene is much different than its neighboring wild student pubs on Zülpicher Straße. The excellent cocktails range from established classics to imaginative new creations devised in-house. You’ll meet a trendy crowd here at night that don’t just appear happy. In summer it’s best to get a place in the large outdoor area. The interior is decorated in classic style and the cosmopolitan British actor and writer is immortalized with a cocktail named after him on the menu, which also includes lots of classic and new inventions from the cocktail world.

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After climbing a rough staircase, you’ll find yourself in a bar and cocktail lounge amid the 500-year-old roof arches of the Klein St. Make yourself comfortable among the purist design leather furniture with a cool cocktail and relaxing lounge music and you’ll be charmed by the history-rich building. Here they won’t have a problem because the bar is well-known for its party atmosphere.

The place has a lounge look with red lamp shades, Cyrillic nameplates and busts of Stalin as well as a choice of select vodkas and lively music at the weekend. 0 177/7 11 41 85, Bar If you go on a weekend pub crawl in Cologne, this cult bar is one place you’ll definitely visit. 49, Oma Kleinmann Veedel's last traditional pub bravely fights on surrounded by trendy student bars.

Cafe & Chocolaterie 20 Grad The core business of Cafe 20 is exquisite pralines and other creations made from “brown gold.” That doesn’t mean the quality of the home-made cakes, quiches and tarts suffers. The delicious breakfasts and the small but good lunch menu shows quality, as do the 30-plus kinds of chocolate drinks, which, from March, are best enjoyed on the terrace. 16 94 59 33, CaféThis colorfully furnished café keeps Cologne people supplied with all kinds of tasty sandwiches, Focaccias, cakes and salads. 2 70 66 39, Eichhörnchen French charm and comfort is the order of the day in this café.

Of course you can also get a regular coffee in the morning as well as special coffees such as Chai Latte and Latte Macchiato. Croissants, quiches and cakes are made in an unhurried manner on the premises.

Celebrities pop in now and again and the place is full to bursting at weekends. Velvet walls and music played by DJs are also among the attractions. The flowers are plastic but that doesn’t spoil the pretty setting. 5 89 23 38, Wohngemeinschaft A relatively new bar with an unusual concept.