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Factors contributing to the formula are shown below.The required dose has to be individually adapted according to the total iron deficit calculated by the following formula – haemoglobin in g/l or mmol/l.Patients should be observed carefully during the infusion and for at least 30 minutes after completion.

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It should be injected only into the muscle mass of the upper outer quadrant of the buttock - never into the arm or other exposed areas.

A 20 - 21 gauge needle at least 50 mm long should be used for normal adults.

However, Cosmo Fer® may also be administered as undiluted solution intramuscularly.

The normal recommended dosage schedule is 100-200 mg iron corresponding to 2-4 ml, two or three times a week depending on the haemoglobin level.

It is administered as a series of undiluted injections of up to 100 mg iron (2.0 ml) each determined by the patient's body weight.