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Most pensions also hold insurance for you if you lose the ability to work.

Please contact your pension company, your pension fund or your financial institution if you want to learn more about your labour market pensions.

В большинстве отелей вы можете выбирать, когда платить за бронирование, а также пользоваться преимуществами программы Rewards и получать бесплатные сутки за каждые 10 суток проживания.

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In order to receive the full amount of the state pension, you must have lived in Denmark for at least 40 years since you reached the age of 15 and till you reach the state pension age.

If this is not the case, you may be entitled to a smaller proportion of the full state pension.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to set up an individual pension scheme.

A Danish individual pension is a scheme which you yourself set up and save in through a Danish pension company, financial institution or the like.

The tables below show the general, most common situation.