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We wish you all a happy new year, and hope to see you again in 2016.U20 Women We are not able to bring the result from U20 women on our result system.Winner of the tournament U10 Mix 1st place: BK Amager 2nd place: Virum BBK U12 Girls 1st place: Skovbakken Bears 2nd place: Hørsholm 79ers 3rd place: IUKS “Lider” U14 Girls 1st place: BBC Lyre Nila 2nd place: Basket Pastelka 3rd place: Hørsholm 79ers sort B-finals: MTV/BG Wolfenbüttel U16 Girls 1st place: Avanti Dames Brugge 2nd place: Viby Basket 3rd place: BTL B-finals: Campinia Dessel-Retie U18 Girls 1st place: Lokomotief Rijswijk 1 2nd place: Team Owl 3rd place: BMI B-finals: BG 89 Junior Hurricanes U20 Girls 1st place: Lemvig Basket 2nd place: BV Hoofdoorp 3rd place: MANA B-finals: Team Owl U12 Boys 1st place: BC Triple Threat 2nd place: Virum BBK 1 3rd place: Celeritas Donar B-finals: The Valley Bucketens U14 Boys 1st place: BG Zehlendorf 2nd place: SC Rist Wedel 3rd place: Horsens IC B-finals: Skovbakken Kodiak U16 Boys 1st place: AGF 1 2nd place: Team Owl 3rd place: BK Amager B-finals: SG FT/MTV Braunschweig U18 Boys 1st place: Viby Basket 2nd place: Campinia Dessel-Retie 3rd place: Lemvig Basket B-finals: BBC Lyra Nila U20 Boys 1st place: Ballislife 2nd place: Næstved Basketball 3rd place: Hjemly 13/14 The play off games for U12 girls can be seen on under Games & Results Results Girls U12 381 Lemvig Basket – IUKS “Lider” 9 – 33 382 Skovbakken Bears – Lemvig Basket 61 – 8 383 Lemvig Basket – Capitol Bascats Düsseldorf 10 – 45 384 Hørsholm 79ers – Lemvig Basket 51 – 11 385 Lemvig Basket – BK Amager 18 – 42 386 Virum BBK U10 – Lemvig Basket 23 – 10 387 IUKS “Lider” – Skovbakken Bears 11 – 28 388 Capitol Bascats Düsseldorf – IUKS “Lider” 10 – 18 389 IUKS “Lider” – Hørsholm 79ers 19 – 29 390 BK Amager U10 – IUKS “Lider” 16 – 31 391 IUKS “Lider” – Virum BBK U10 27 – 16 392 Skovbakken Bears – Capitol Düsseldorf 25 – 7 393 Hørsholm 79ers – Skovbakken Bears 18 – 20 394 Skovbakken Bears – BK Amager 42 – 22 395 Virum BBK U10 – Skovbakken Baers 9 – 41 396 Capitol Bascats Düsseldorf 10 – 27 397 BK Amager U10 – Capitol Bascats Düsseldorf 37 – 47 398 Capitol Bascarts Düsseldorf – Virum BBK U10 25 – 22 399 Hørsholm 79ers – BK Amager U10 38 – 14 400 Virum BBK U10 – Hørsholm 79ers 18 -29 401 BK Amager u10 – Virum BBK U10 32 – 28 Replaced team in U18 Men BTB O&M Düsseldorf will be replaced by Viby Basket 2 in U18 Men group 12 Cancelled team in U20 Men Risskov 15/16 will not be able to play the tournament. If a participating club will be able to put a U20 Mens team in the schedule, please contact the tournament office.

Please read all information and regulations about housing. Status of teams on November 16th The following teams are signed-in on November 16th.

We still have teams waiting for the final registration, so we might add more teams to the list. Basketball (NL) - BV Hoofddorp (NL) - Risskov Efterskole (DK) - S.

We look forward to welcome more than 1000 players and coaches for the 25th Limfjords-Cup.

Registrations on 16th November The latest update of team is from November 16th.

U20 women We have a problem with our online result service which make it impossible to show the U20 women tournament. Game schedule Yesterday the game schedule was send to all clubs. Some is minor changes, and other will have a bigger influence.